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Cut Through the Clutter: Holiday Marketing Tips for B2B Companies

Welcome to fall, that magical time when the leaves are changing, the air has started to cool, and our thoughts are shifting to holiday planning. Retailers anxiously await this season each year, when they can set their sales goals high and implement strategies to ensnare holiday shoppers. If you’re a B2B company, you might not think this time of year is as ripe with potential for your business, but with a bit of creativity and strategy you can capitalize on this season as well.

In the fourth quarter, your clients and prospective clients are setting budgets, approving marketing plans, conducting digital audits, and green lighting large projects like a new service launch or a website redesign. If you are a B2B company, now is a great time to position yourself to help your customers find the right solutions for their business in the new year

People are very busy this time of year and much more selective about what gets their attention. Think outside the generic “Happy Holidays” email and choose personal, value-adding communications that show you empathize with their demanding schedules.

Here are a few ideas that will allow you to add value s while showing your appreciation, kindness, and generosity this holiday season. 

Five year-end activities to add value to your B2B clients

1. Make your clients feel like family.

Give your audience a “behind the scenes” look at your team at work. Your client will feel like they are part of your work family and be reminded of what you do for them and the expertise it takes to do it. A look at a machine installation,  product line, construction site, or in our case, a photography shoot can be a great way to develop engaging content that is both fun and meaningful. 

2. Cue up the highlight reel.

Share a year-end review highlighting the newest features or additional services you rolled out over the last twelve months. Or preview what’s to come with a sneak peek of something you are rolling out in 2022. Give your clients the gifts of remembering what they achieved with your support and comfort that you will work hard for them in the coming year.  

3. Check-in. 

If all you want for Christmas is to get to know your customers better, send out a short survey asking for feedback on your business and services. Give your clients a platform to tell you how you’re doing and give you ideas on what other products, services, or features they’d like you to offer. Everyone loves to be heard and to have their needs understood and addressed.

4. Invest in a content strategy.

While it might not be a favorite cookie recipe or tips for finding holiday bargains, you have meaningful content to offer your clients and prospects. Email is a terrific tool for B2B companies to connect with clients and customers, but to boost your open rate during this busy time of year, be sure your email has a clear purpose, provides value, and offers something appealing to your audience. Email marketing enables you to segment your audience and target them directly with the right message. You can adjust the content or tone of your email for different groups, taking a more personal tone with your clients than with prospects. Email is ideal for segmentation because you know exactly who will be receiving your message. 

5. Respect their time.

The end of the year is synonymous with checklists, in part because no one has time to read a lengthy white paper in December. Provide them with checklists and skimmable content, which includes essential end-of-year to-dos within your industry. Whether it helps them finish out this year in good order or start the new year poised for success, your customers will thank you for consolidating key information for them.

And if you do want to send a holiday email or card to show your gratitude for your client’s partnership (which you should do!) make it creative and fun so that it stands out. Tie it to your business so that prospects and clients alike see the love you have for your work while they feel the appreciation you have for them.

If you need help planning an engaging email campaign, creating a standout holiday card, or drafting that survey let me know.

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