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Brand messaging pillars: The foundation of your brand architecture

Whether it’s on your front porch or of the community, a pillar is a reliable source of support. So, it seems self-explanatory that brand messaging pillars provide a durable foundation upon which a strong brand can be built. 

But understanding how these pillars fit into your overall brand architecture and how to use them to your benefit can seem less straightforward. 

Let’s break down what brand messaging pillars are and how to put them to work for you.

What are brand messaging pillars?

Simply put, brand messaging pillars define the characteristics and values that make up your brand. They spell out the very essence of your company, products, and services in a consistent, enduring way. 

These thoughtful distillations are your strategic differentiators – they outline what sets you apart and serve as a starting point to cultivate authentic connections with customers. 

Many brands build their pillars according to five categories to flesh out their values and the best ways to communicate them to their target audience:

    1. Purpose
      Why your brand exists; what brought your brand into being.

    2. Perception
      Who views and engages with your brand (customers, employees, influencers) and how they experience it.

    3. Personality
      What characteristics and attributes identify your brand – your mood, tone of voice, point of view.

    4. Position
      Where your brand sits in the market, who you appeal to, who you want to appeal to, who you’re competing against.

    5. Promotion
      How you communicate to build brand equity and develop loyalty.

How are they used?

Once you’ve developed messaging pillars, they serve as solid building blocks to further your brand. They guide decision making and outline what you stand for. Really, there’s no part of your business that these pillars should not touch. 

  • Business strategy
    When you’re developing your business strategy, referencing your brand pillars will help ensure you’re leading from a strategic, thoughtful position that ties back to why you exist and connects you to who you’re trying to reach.

  • Messaging strategy
    Of course your brand pillars can inform your messaging by reinforcing the traits that reflect your particular identity and they can serve as a touchstone for the way you’re viewed by your audiences.

  • Marketing strategy
    Your brand pillars should drive further marketing and advertising decisions. They encapsulate what sets you apart, who you who want to reach, and what point of view to employ.

  • Company culture
    Develop a desirable company culture that reflects your brand. Brand pillars can prescribe core values that your employees and office environment strive to emulate. 

Your great product or service is a good start, but brand messaging pillars give your business stability, heart and momentum. The strongest brands know who they are, what they have to offer, and who they’re trying to reach – especially in today’s marketplace where customers value personality, authenticity, and humanity. 

Set your brand apart by developing brand messaging pillars and using them to guide your business. Would some guidance help you get started? Let’s talk about how to build pillars that will elevate your business.

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