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11 Questions to Ask When Hiring Help for Your Digital Advertising

You know you want to up your company’s digital ad game, but the ever-changing landscape can feel overwhelming – whether it’s a brand-new venture or something you’ve been doing for years. SEO, SEM, and KPIs are just acronyms unless you have a company that knows how to put them to work for you.

So, how do you know a firm will be able to use your carefully budgeted dollars in a way that will move your company forward? Here are 11 questions you should ask anyone you’re thinking of bringing on board to help with your digital advertising.

  1. How often will we meet to discuss your work?
    In our experience, it’s helpful to convene monthly to review work, discuss goals, and seek recommendations to improve performance. At TMC, we provide an up-to-date interactive dashboard report each month; ensuring a company is prepared to do something similar will help keep you moving forward.
  2. How do you measure success?
    Each client’s KPIs are unique and tailored to their business goals. Whether pageviews, form submissions, leads, orders, or something else, it’s helpful to know you’ll regularly receive a report on the agreed-upon KPIs.
  3. How will you improve our search rankings?
    It’s essential to have a plan in place to strategically improve search rankings. We approach search engine rankings first by strengthening your site. Whether it is a full website rebuild or minor tweaks, we start by bringing your site to good health. Next, we work on SEO, putting research and planning into action to drive free, organic traffic. We then supplement with paid ads to target your ideal customer and convert more users.
  4. What tools do you use?
    SEMrush, Google Analytics, Data Studio, Google Tag Manager, Google Ads, FB Ads, Bing Ads, Linkedin Ads, various email services, and web development platforms are all key players in today’s digital ad environment. Verify any company you engage with is up to date on using the latest and greatest.
  5. What will my role be?
    Each business relationship is unique, but you should be sure any situation you enter into is one that is comfortable for you. We normally ask our clients to provide us with various information about the business including important keywords, target audience specs, and overall goals. But we also ask each client about their comfort levels, communication preferences, and desired level of involvement. Then we adjust our approach accordingly, putting our clients’ needs first.
  6. What if I do not know our target audience, goals, etc.?
    That should not be a concern. A quality firm will conduct a site audit and industry analysis for your business, then use those to work with you constructing a marketing strategy and plan.
  7. How will you make our company better and grow business?
    Find a company that can prove it excels in making a website strong, driving traffic to it, and finding the target customer who will convert at the lowest cost to you.
  8. What can you tell us about our competitors?
    You want a company that conducts a full competitor analysis, including their top performing site pages, strong keywords driving their traffic, and search engine rankings. At TMC, we work to find opportunities for our clients’ business to rank ahead of their competitors and bid accordingly on the most competitive keywords.
  9. How do you target potential customers?
    Seek out someone who uses a variety of targeting techniques that can hone in on a specific location, group of interests, job titles, and more.
  10. How do you keep up to date with changes in our industry/market?
    It’s important that anyone you hire is committed to monitoring your ads closely every day to ensure your spend is optimized. We stay alert for any pertinent changes and make appropriate corrections along the way.
  11. How do I grow my social media?
    Experience and skills to grow followings across social media platforms is essential, allowing you to be as involved (or uninvolved) as you want to be. Social content calendars, scheduled posts, and consistency are key – along with hashtag research to boost impressions and engaging captions that prompt viewers to act. Whether assisting with your page or gaining full access to create and schedule posts for you, find someone who will drive engagement strategically.

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