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Matandy Steel

Forging a stronger foundation for growth.

Matandy Steel | Hamilton, Ohio

From the time of its founding in 1987, Matandy enjoyed immense success through organic growth. As a result, the leaders of the family-owned and -operated steel service center never needed to intentionally plan for the future or invest in a marketing plan. By early 2020, however, the company’s leadership team realized they could no longer leave their future to chance. The team developed a strategic plan, but they needed assistance with working through the next steps.


  • Assist with implementing their strategic plan
  • Rally their employees behind their new direction
  • Develop a thoughtful external marketing plan


  • Performed a competitor audit and conducted key customer interviews to uncover Matandy’s key differentiators
  • Developed a key messaging platform to define the Matandy Experience
  • Refreshed the brand identity
  • Developed an internal communications plan to improve overall employee engagement and morale
  • Crafted an external marketing plan to raise brand awareness


Matandy’s external marketing plan includes a comprehensive email campaign, a direct mail campaign, and social media engagement to win over and keep new and existing customers. Video content, new sales collateral, a website refresh, and direct prospect acquisition tactics rounded out the tools we provided to the Matandy team.


Matandy Steel has forged a stronger foundation on which to build for the future. Their internal team is aligned with the company vision and core values, and employee morale and retention are strong. The external campaign kicked off in early 2021, and the sales team is excited to have new, professional tools that allow them to tell the Matandy story and attract new customers. Matandy posted a strong first quarter in 2021, and the company’s email campaign strategy has already attracted new customers.

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The challenge.

After more than 30 years in business, Matandy Steel & Metal Products embarked on its first-ever strategic planning process. But before company leaders could put a plan into action, they needed help identifying their stand-out qualities and what their next steps should be.

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The strategy.

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The results.

The company forged a stronger foundation on which to build for the future. Within weeks of launching a strategic marketing campaign, the company was already winning over new customers.

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