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Rallying local communities to make healthier choices.


The Northern Kentucky Health Department (NKY Health) serves four counties in Northern Kentucky that are home to more than 400,000 people. The department plays a critical role in preventing disease, promoting wellness, and protecting against health threats by developing and influencing public health policy. 


As part of this mission, NKY Health launched LiveWell NKY in 2016. Led by NKY Health and funded by St. Elizabeth Hospital, LiveWell NKY provides a common framework to rally participating communities around being active, eating well, and supporting both physical and mental health. The overarching goal is to improve the health of Northern Kentucky residents through changes in policy, systems, and environments at the community level.

Starting in 2015, The Marketing Collective was engaged as the strategic marketing partner for developing the LiveWell NKY concept as well as its rollout and the creation of a marketing tool kit for ongoing public health campaigns.  

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The challenge.

Kentucky has consistently ranked at or near the bottom of U.S. states in terms of health outcomes. In 2015, the Northern Kentucky Health Department (NKY Health) determined a more comprehensive approach to improving residents’ health was required — but the department needed help with developing messaging and rolling out the program.

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The strategy.

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The results.

NKY Health launched LiveWell NKY with much fanfare. The program has been established in four Northern Kentucky cities, resulted in two communities implementing or expanding their smoke-free policies, and supported hundreds of events to promote healthy behaviors. LiveWell NKY’s success has attracted both federal and local funding to maintain the program’s momentum.

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