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Horizon Community Funds​

Uniting resources to elevate NKY’s quality of life.


Formed to unite resources to raise the quality of life for all people in Northern Kentucky, Horizon Community Funds works hard to increase philanthropic giving among individuals, corporations and organizations in an effort to meet that lofty goal. And the foundation has made great strides since its founding just a few years ago, living on its spirit as the uncommon foundation. To support continued growth, HCF wanted to create an ongoing donor campaign designed to bring in small but consistent operating investments. But as a relatively young organization, Horizon needed to reach a broader regional audience, establish credibility as a trustworthy brand, and warm people to the idea of supporting a nonprofit connected to place rather than cause. 


Horizon brought TMC on board to develop a snappy, catchy campaign to raise awareness, garner support, and encourage regular giving. TMC conducted market research, concepted three different campaign themes/opportunities, developed sample creative for the chosen “I’m in.” campaign, and developed an implantation strategy which we presented to the Horizon Board. Horizon implemented the campaign in Fall 2022, generating buzz, strong feedback, and new relationships.

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The challenge.

Horizon Community Funds of Northern Kentucky (HCF), a robust but young foundation, needed a creative campaign designed to support ongoing giving, while continuing to build and strengthen overall awareness of the brand.

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The strategy.

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The results.

TMC delivered Horizon the fully integrated “I’m in.” marketing campaign, which created buzz about Horizon Community Funds, and help to forge successful new relationships for the foundation. 

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