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Crescent Ridge Academy

Promoting post-merger success with a smart rebranding strategy.

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The challenge.

In 2019, Northern Kentucky Montessori Academy, a school for children, and the Greater Cincinnati Center for Montessori Education, instruction center for adults, merged into one organization. The names and brands were often interchanged and became confusing to the community. Academy leadership recognized they had outgrown the Academy’s name, and physical space. To embark on the next chapter in the organization’s 54-year history, a rebranding effort was necessary. Enter TMC and our collaborative partnership with NKY Montessori Academy, which led to the birth of Crescent Ridge Academy.

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The strategy.

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The results.

A unified brand that better represents the diverse audiences of the school with clear messaging has allowed the Montessori community to rally around the school as it kicks off a capital campaign. Crescent Ridge Academy has developed a new website and a new logo to reflect the changes in the organization and to allow for future growth.

Crescent Ridge Academy Brand Overview
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Crescent Ridge Academy Logos

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