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Avery Farmer Foundation

Honoring the story of a life well lived.


In 2021, a tragic car accident took the life of high school senior Avery Farmer. Less than a year later, family and friends established the Avery Farmer Foundation and a number of scholarships have already been awarded in Avery’s honor. But the foundation’s leaders have big plans — to inspire goodness by sharing Avery’s story and awarding scholarships at schools across Kentucky and beyond. To reach these goals, they needed a recognizable visual identity, a strong website that could be easily maintained by the foundation’s core volunteers, and a message that speaks to the passion surrounding this young man. As with so many nonprofits and similar organizations, the foundation had a limited budget, tight resources, and volunteer leadership with limited experience in these key areas. 


The Marketing Collective assisted by helping to solidify the ideas of the Avery Farmer Foundation into a polished, cohesive brand with charisma, functionality and staying power. TMC listened to the Farmer family’s story and helped to translate their vision into a message that talks about Avery in a way that inspires and connects with their audience. The words combine with a visual identity — including a logo, fonts, and color palette — that make the messages pop. With these key assets in place, TMC developed a website that not only tells Avery’s story and promotes the foundation’s goals, but also includes the back-end functionality — like easy ways for volunteers to update the site and the security features — such a site requires. 


Today, the Avery Farmer Foundation is not only up and running, but thriving and expanding. The professional web presence helps the organization fundraise, promote its activities and events, and engage with those who have the potential to benefit from its efforts. Most of all, the Farmer family has the tools it needs to allow this very meaningful foundation to be what they envisioned it to be.

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The challenge.

The Farmer family wanted to turn pain into positive by establishing a scholarship foundation in memory of Avery, who was killed a car accident. The family wanted the scholarships to have expanded reach and lasting impact, but needed a website, messaging, and a visual identity.

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The strategy.

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The results.

The Avery Farmer Foundation is now up and running, with a strong visual identity, an uplifting message, and an attractive, functional website.

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