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Baker Construction Enterprises

Building a Better Structure for Strategic Brand Management

BCE is a two-billion-dollar-a-year company and the national leader in concrete construction. Starting in 2017, the company launched an aggressive campaign to grow through acquisition and the launch of new businesses.


BCE engaged TMC to:

  • Develop brand positioning and architecture
  • Provide acquisition onboarding support
  • Facilitate enterprise-wide strategic planning
  • Coordinate BCE’s Board of Advisors
  • Oversee and execute ongoing strategic communication support for key leaders, shared services departments, and eight BCE companies


TMC was tasked with developing a brand strategy that would create cohesion among new companies and acquisitions. Key visual and verbal elements are shared across the portfolio that, as a whole, clearly identify each stand-alone company as part of a larger family. However, acquisitions are free to integrate these brand elements in a manner that preserves their individual identities.


On an ongoing basis, we facilitate enterprise-wide strategic planning to help ensure all of BCE’s companies are pulling in the same direction. As new companies are onboarded or launched, TMC ensures that all marketing elements align with this strategy. In addition, we provide internal communications support to onboard new co-workers to Baker’s core values, purpose, and vision. To enhance internal communication, TMC writes, designs, and executes a monthly internal magazine. The publication provides an additional opportunity to continually reinforce Baker’s value and culture.


TMC also provides marketing and communications support to BCE’s key leaders, including the founder, the president, and shared services teams such as IT, human resources, and legal. This day-to-day support proved critical throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, when BCE leaders needed to communicate quickly, concisely, and consistently with its companies. Our team also provides graphic design, copywriting, social media management, and ongoing marketing consulting for eight of BCE’s subsidiaries.


BCE has a proven formula for expanding its family of companies while staying true to the principles and values that propelled Baker to its position as industry leader.

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The challenge.

BCE became the nation’s leader in concrete construction by staying true to its core principles and values. When the company embarked on an aggressive growth strategy, it needed a blueprint for building cohesion and a shared culture across its expanding portfolio of companies.

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The strategy.

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The results.

TMC developed a strategy for instilling BCE’s brand, history, values, and culture across its portfolio while enabling new acquisitions to maintain their unique identities. Ongoing strategic planning and communication support provide BCE with the means to expand its family of companies with consistency, clarity, and confidence.

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