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Morand McKay

Fueling a company launch by building brand momentum.


Experienced executive coaches John Morand and Mary McKay decided to join forces to focus on a new niche in the coaching sphere: team coaching. In the United States, team coaching isn’t widely used or understood, but the potential for growth is considerable. Morand McKay engaged TMC to develop a compelling brand foundation for their new business.


Our team first conducted research to ensure we had a clear understanding of what customers were looking for and what set Morand McKay apart. As part of this process, we performed both a competitive audit and customer interviews to clearly define the best brand positioning, key differentiators, and brand tone.


From there, we built verbal and visual brand identities that convey both professionalism and energy. TMC also developed a company brand descriptor and brand guidelines to ensure future brand consistency.


After the brand was launched, TMC managed the development of a new Morand McKay website. Because it serves as the first impression for many potential clients, the website needed to be both engaging and educational. The solution developed by TMC integrates a clean look and easy-to-navigate content with brand personality. 


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The challenge.

Morand McKay is a brand-new entity breaking into a relatively unknown but incredibly promising space: team coaching. To position their business for success, the team behind Morand McKay needed a collaborative team to assist with brand building.

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The strategy.

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The results.

Morand McKay successfully launched with a strong foundation for telling their story and promoting the benefits of their unique approach to team coaching.

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