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Chatham Business Capital

Lender Sees Promising Returns on New Digital Presence


In the crowded and highly competitive commercial lending market, Chatham Business Capital successfully carved out a niche by offering a fresh alternative to traditional banks. Early marketing efforts primarily focused on referrals. But by 2021, the lender realized it needed an online presence to showcase its expertise and connect with prospects.


TMC was engaged to design and develop a responsive WordPress site with a tone that’s both polished and friendly. We worked side-by-side with Chatham to explore website elements that were outside the typical banking mold. Using this research, we created a minimal and modern design that uses large, impactful imagery to complement the tagline, “Think Bigger.”


The arrowhead shape in the company’s logo is used throughout to depict growth and forward movement. The simple and straightforward layout reflects Chatham’s knowledgeable and friendly style. Key proof points, such as testimonials and recent deals, are highlighted by the brand arrow, color scheme, and movement. 


The new site has provided Chatham with the space to present its personality and attract small-business owners. Moreover, having a centralized location where prospects and partners can easily engage with the Chatham team promises to deliver a solid return on the lender’s long-term marketing strategy. 


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The challenge.

As a direct lender, Chatham Business Capital helps business owners grow their companies, get to the next level, and achieve their dreams. The lender needed an online presence to expand its reach, but a conventional website would not do. Chatham takes a different approach than conventional banks and needed a digital presence that would reflect their creative and personable style.

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The strategy.

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The results.

Chatham Business Capital has a responsive site that differentiates the lender from both its parent company, First Chatham Bank, as well as its competitors. Based on positive feedback and strong traffic numbers, the site is resonating with its key audience: small-business owners.

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